IAQ factors

The 4 Factors in Air Pollution 

— how indoor air quality problems start and spread (such as odors of terpenes from growing marijuana), and are controlled:

(1)  Pollutant sources emit contaminants  (different gases or particles, at different rates).

  • Terpenes evaporate from growing plants.
  • Reduce odors with charcoal adsorption.

(2)  Pathways connect pollutant sources to the occupants (via air, dust, or contact).

  • Terpenes follow the many room penetrations.
  • Reduce odor movement by sealing penetrations.

(3)  Pressure differences are driving forces that move pollutants (fans, wind, heat/gravity).

  • Terpenes push out into neighboring spaces.
  • Reduce room pressure with exhaust ventilation.

(4)  People (occupants) are individuals  (with unique tolerance, sensitivities, reactions).

  • Terpenes have a recognizable unique odor.
  • Reduce odors enough to avoid problems.