Costs for Services

To inspect, sample, consult:

  • Basic onsite inspection with a written report on observations & recommendations. – often $400.  Possibly less if limited, simple, quick, verbal not written.  Sometimes more if complicated by extra time, travel, size, crawls, etc.: usually under $900.
  • Technical consulting time, per hour: $150.
  • Long telephone call: $100.

To do some specific tests onsite:

  • Inspect & sample building materials or surfaces for testing: about $200.
  • Inspect & test mold spores in air, 3 samples: $700.
  • Inspect & collect samples & test for asbestos in building materials, 1st sample: $250., each additional +$20.
  • Test for asbestos fibers in air, sampled up to 48 hours to find very low levels, 1 by TEM: $500.
  • Survey for asbestos containing building materials in a home to demolish: about $1,000.
  • Inspect & test radon in air, results 1 day: about $350.
  • Inspect & test formaldehyde in air, 4 samples: $400.
  • Inspect & test VOCs in air, detailed, by GC-MS, 4 samples: $4,000.

Additional lab costs:

(for testing samples delivered to the lab, or samples collected onsite and charged for in addition to the cost above to inspect & report)

  • Test mold growth on surfaces: 2 samples for $100.
  • Test mold spores in air, each additional sample: +$100.
  • Test asbestos in bulk materials: 1st sample $50, plus $20 for each additional.
  • Test formaldehyde coming from materials: 1st sample: $100, plus $20 each additional.

Please pay by cash, check, or PayPal.

(I do not do structural or pest or lead paint or drug lab surveys, or industrial hygiene, or hazardous waste.)