Blue Sky Inspections works with offices  hundreds of lone offices, or entire buildings, and their ventilation systems, usually where workers were suspicious (most needed better ventilation airflow).

Office investigations usually include:

  • Ask about where and when the problems are the worst.  (I diagnose the building, not the people.)
  • Check for good air supply, distribution, and filtration.

Testing often includes:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels (in ppm, parts per million parts of air) to check for whether very low indicating abundant (below 700) or inadequate (above 1000) outdoor air supply.  High CO2 indoors comes from people breathing.
  • Dust contents (mold spores, glass fibers, skin flakes, etc.), and levels in the air (is supply air much lower than room air?) using Air-O-Cells and sometimes a continuous particle count monitor.