Mold sampling: air

SAMPLING PROCEDURES FOR AIRBORNE MOLD  (as used by Blue Sky to sample mold and other dust particles onto sticky microscope slides inside Zefon Air-O-Cell cassettes, to get a snapshot in time)

Prepare for sampling

  1. Inspect the building and the ventilation system.
  2. Create active conditions during normal setup.  Remember that disturbing dry mold is usually the largest release into the breathing air.  (Or occasionally, sample initially under quiet conditions before activity.)
  3. Choose locations, normally in the breathing zone, at least 3 (problem area, control area, and outdoors).
  4. Also possibly sample the same location under different conditions (later, disturbed, cleaned, etc.).
  5. Turn on the Zefon Bio-Pump power (push POWER).
  6. Place the calibration cassette on the pump and check the flow rate.
  7. Label the 1st sample location on the side of a cassette.
  8. Remove the stickers covering both ends of the cassette.
  9. Place the cassette on the pump [rectangular inlet upwards].
  10. Place the pump near the center of the room, a few feet off the floor.
  11. Display should show SINGLE SAMPLING MODE (if not, push an arrow to change).

Start sampling

  1. Start the pump (push START).
  2. Display shows time counting down from 7 minutes.
  3. Sample for 7 minutes @15 LPM to get an even 100 Liters (= 0.1 m3) (actually 105 L), to get results in round numbers that are easier for humans to compare (like 1300, to avoid numbers like 1333 that look more accurate than they really are).
  4. Record the amount of disturbance (quiet, or normal inspection activities, or much activity) and nearby suspect sources (dirty carpet, entry rug).
  5. Pump stops automatically (& yellow light comes on).
  6. Remove and bag the used sample cassette.
  7. Start the next sample.