Services by Blue Sky

Indoor air quality services by Richard Knights DBA Blue Sky usually include building onsite inspection and consulting, and often sampling and testing — for the entire building, or for a single concern.  I encourage you to attend, so you learn the most.  I diagnose buildings, not people.

To do a basic inspection:

My basic Blue Sky Inspections usually include checking (looking, smelling, some quick tests) for:

  • likely asbestos (exposed friable materials),
  • ozone (odor from electronic air cleaners),
  • suspicious odors (finding sources, maybe testing for emissions from new materials with a combustible gas detector),
  • damp conditions (water damage, mold odor; maybe testing suspect materials with a moisture meter),
  • air filtration (a good filter inside a forced air furnace),
  • dusty conditions (old carpets, no air filtration),
  • poorly vented gas-fired combustion appliances (furnace, water heater, cookstove; maybe test for carbon monoxide),
  • particle board exposed (a formaldehyde source),
  • outdoor sources (nearby traffic or industries);

with a lot of discussion about what the worst things are, and how to control them. (See costs.)
Additional testing is needed to identify asbestos containing materials, or to find how much is in the air (like for radon, carbon monoxide, mold, asbestos, formaldehyde).

Details about Blue Sky services:

  • Scheduling:  call to describe what you want: we can usually set an inspection within a few days; often a report the next day.
  • Inspecting:  visual, and some basic tests like odors, ventilation, moisture.
  • Buildings:  homes, offices, schools, commercial properties.
  • Testing:  air or surface or bulk sampling for pollutants in your air, like mold and other dust particles, asbestos; also gases: radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and ozone.
  • Goals:  usually to determine the worst problems, their sources and driving forces, and to prioritize recommendations to improve the breathing air quality.
  • Consulting:  conversation and advice, for your education and understanding and troubleshooting.
  • Reports:  conclusions (up front), observations (the most important data), test results (with comparisons to typical buildings), and recommendations (steps to fix and avoid problems).
  • Recommendations:  how to choose the most effective options for remedies.
  • Remediation advice:  source removal or reduction, ventilation maintenance and improvement, air cleaners.

>See also Costs of services.

(Now also in Salem, Oregon, in addition to Seattle.

(I do not do remediation or abatement or mitigation work — that would be a conflict of interest).

(I do not do structural or pest or lead paint or drug lab or Phase One surveys, or industrial hygiene, or hazardous waste, or regulatory compliance.)


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