Tape lift sampling of surfaces

SAMPLING PROCEDURE FOR MOLD SETTLED ON SURFACES  (as used by Blue Sky to collect a tape lift sample of mold and other dust particles on a surface)


  1. Tear off a piece of clear scotch tape 4 cm long.
  2. Fold one end to make a 1 cm handle, leaving 2 cm of sticky.
  3. Press the sticky side onto the surface.
  4. Lift the tape, and look through it to see if anything stuck.
  5. If you see nothing on the tape, stick some more times.
  6. Stick the tape to the inside of a zip bag.
  7. Label the sample location on the handle end.
  8. Zip the bag closed, and mail or bring it (along with other info like description of the growth and location) to me at:
  9. Blue Sky Testing Labs, 3065 Oakcrest Dr NW, Salem, OR 97304.