Outdoor odor source?

In order to get official action against some source of a nuisance odor, you need to get specific about where it is coming from.  In order to find some point source of the odor, follow the odor emission plume with your nose:

Whenever you smell a definite strong odor, write down the time and a word to describe it, and note the wind direction with an arrow on your map.  Then move upwind, and

(a) if the odor stays strong, and gets stronger, keep going until you find the source; or

(b) if the odor decreases, go left or right to see if you can find the stronger center of the plume, and continue upwind.

If you think it might be from a certain building, then go walk/drive along the downwind perimeter to see if you can confirm that.  But since the emissions might be blown up into the air, it might not be noticed next to the building, so try a traverse a block away, or farther.

But if you’re looking upwind towards a far-away suspect, remember the hundreds of businesses and back yard spray painters (etc.) even closer to you.

Winds carry and dilute the plume, but they do not concentrate it.  So if it’s coming a long way, it could be a thousand times stronger near the source.

Until you find the source, keep comparing notes with neighbors to see if all the arrows agree in pointing to some area(s).  And keep sniffing that zig-zag upwind path of discovery.