Mold & Moisture

Investigating mold and moisture problems is more direct than most air pollutants, because we can see and smell evidence of mold growth or moisture.

  • Testing:  Use  your eyes and nose, or continuous monitors for building materials, or a relative humidity meter for air.
  • Moisture sourcesBreathing, bathing, cooking, clothes dryers, plants, damp earth, leaks.
  • Effects:  Moisture stains and damages materials, and allows the growth of molds and rot.
  • Control:  Stop leaks.  Dry materials.  Ventilate more.

Problems in Buildings

The following pages are about “Mold and Moisture Problems in Buildings“:

  1. What About Mold from Moisture Problems in Buildings
  2. Mold & Moisture Inspections in Buildings
  3. Mold Hypothesis Testing in Buildings
  4. Mold Testing: Results & Analysis
  5. Avoiding Mold Growth in Buildings by Controlling Moisture
  6. Cleaning Up Mold & Rot: Building Remediation