Services by others

My favorite local indoor air quality specialty services and suppliers are:

Testing labs

  • Lab/Cor, Inc. has John Harris, with his unique electron microscope (for TEM to confirm asbestos fibers in air); also many official methods for asbestos, silica, & nuisance dust.  At Lab/Cor Portland (4321 SW Corbett #A, 503-224-5055), Eugene (2620 River Rd #D, 541-654-8656), and Seattle (7619 – 6th Av NW, 206-781-0155),,
  • Microlab Northwest has E. Russ Crutcher, who is a microscopist especially good for contaminant particle identification in settled dust; also for mold.  At 7609 – 140th PL NE, Redmond, WA 98052, 425-885-9419,

Portable air cleaners